How to have a successful SORT…

SORT appreciates and values your business. As a SORT customer, we are dedicated to selling your merchandise at the best possible price. It is our intention to earn the most money for you and your selected charity.

In order for your SORT to be as successful as possible, we ask that you act in accordance with the following policies:



Our pricing formula is the industry standard. Prices generally begin at approximately ½ of the original retail price and are adjusted for age, condition, demand, and style. All merchandise is subject to scheduled markdown periods unless otherwise specified by you, the Consignor. Merchandise is marked down at the discretion of SORT. If something isn’t selling, we will give it a gentle nudge!

Please note, if you require a specific sale price for your merchandise, you must clearly state the required price on the Merchandise Submission Form. This form will be included with the signed Consignment Agreement. While SORT cannot guarantee that your item will sell for this amount, we promise to retain the merchandise for you and refrain from any “gentle nudge” markdowns.

The sale of discounted merchandise will not affect the commission percentage earned by either you or SORT.

SORTing Period

Because SORT relies on a variety of sales platforms, including, but not limited to: Savvysort.com, EBay, Etsy, Diggers List, Storkbroker and Gazelle as well as other non-electronic sources, it takes us approximately fourteen (14) days for your items to be photographed, properly priced and ultimately listed for sale. The consignment period is 90 calendar days from the date the consigned items are listed for sale.


SORT believes in purging with a purpose. Every 30 days, we will give you an update on how your items are selling. At the end of the SORTing period, you shall notify SORT if you choose to receive your portion of the proceeds as a cash payment or a tax deductable donation. For all items sold, following the allocation of appropriate fees, you, the consignor, will receive 45% of the proceeds, SORT will receive 45% of the proceeds and 10% of the proceeds will be directed to the charity partner(s) that you choose from our list of local organizations supported by SORT. If you choose to donate an additional cash amount to this charity, SORT will match your donation up to an additional 10%. If consignor so chooses, he may request a combination of both cash payment and charitable donation. Payments are mailed via First Class regular mail within 7 – 10 business days following the conclusion of the SORTing period. Please note that when our buyers pay with PayPal it may take a few extra weeks for all parties to receive payment.

Liability of Merchandise

We make every effort to ensure the safety of your items; we carry general liability insurance covering merchandise for fire and flood only, up to the current selling price of your items in our possession. You are responsible for insuring the items you have placed on consignment if you choose to do so for any other type of loss.

Lawful Owner

The Consignor certifies that all items consigned for sale are lawfully and solely owned by you or as an agent acting on authority given you to sell such merchandise.

Sale of Consigned Items

You, the consignor, appoints SORT to act as your exclusive agent for the display and sale of the items identified on the Merchandise Submission Form. SORT shall use its best efforts to display, promote, and sell these items. Additional Merchandise Submission Forms may be incorporated to the Contract (in writing) at any time. At the end of the 90-day consignment period, any item left in SORT’s possession for more than 30 days thereafter (without attempt to contact SORT) will be donated to charity or become the sole property of SORT.

Authentic Items Only

You, the consignor, certify that items consigned are 100% authentic as represented. Please DO NOT consign anything that is counterfeit. Please send along any/all available sales receipts or Certificates of Authenticity along with your items. Any attempt to consign non-authentic items will result in the cancellation of your account and your items will automatically become property of SORT.

Contract Modifications in Writing Only

Any and all changes or modifications to this Contract must be in writing and signed by both parties.


This Contract and Merchandise Submission Form constitutes the entire agreement between the parties (Consignor and SORT).

Merchandise Form (pdf)

Printable Contract (pdf)